Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Day In Paradise

Thanks for the few e-mails I have received. I did not think anyone even saw the page, but was surprise by my e-mail in box. As I said there are no stupid questions, but two of the e-mails started with.... here is a stupid question :) Someone was curious how a general day is like. They were saying how many people talk about going out and drinking all night with beautiful women, but wanted something even in more detail about the daytime. He was saying he thought Thailand was a third world country and was nervous about going there. He was even to the point, about wondering about how safe the hotel is as he saw the movie "The Beach" and thought that was the red light district and it looked BAD! Anyways, rest assured you feel VERY safe around Bangkok and Pattaya! The hotels range from those cheap hostel rooms all the way up to some of the best rooms anywhere. A while back I remember reading an article that said Thailand had 6 of the top 10 hotels in the world. We don't stay at the worst or the best. The hotel I recommend will put you close to or right smack in the middle of the action. Expect to pay around $25.00 - $50.00 US Dollars for a very nice clean room, around the quality of a Comfort or Ramada Inn. Here is a typical day around Pattaya. We usually sleep in until around 10 or so, and meet in the lobby of our hotel around 11. Usually we take a nice walk down to the Royal Garden Mall for lunch. You noticed I skipped breakfast. Being that we slept in and sometimes even grab a LATE night snack, I have never felt like I needed a breakfast. Once at the mall you have many choices. Up on the top is a great place that has a variety of foods. You buy and pay with coupons at all the different food stalls. Great place if you want to try a variety of Thai dishes. Once finished you change your remaining coupons back in for cash. There are also your places such as K.F.C., Burger King, McDonald's, and Sizzler as well. After we eat, there is usually a quick stop at Dairy Queen to get some ice cream before we go out into the usually high temperatures outside. Then it is time for a walk usually down by Walking Street. Sometimes we stop and get a drink and do a little people watching before its off to get a massage. Usually this time a day its just a nice relaxing oil or foot massage. Then on the way back to the hotel and depending on the time of day we usually hit the pool. It is so nice to relax and plan the nights coming events in the cool water. For dinner we usually do something a little nicer than lunch. There are so many choices of great places, it really gets the night going with that wonderful meal. Now with a full stomach everyone is ready to hit the nightlife. Pattaya nightlife is unbelievable! There are so many beautiful woman available it boggles the mind. Everyone is different when it comes to picking a girl as well. Some fall in love with the first girl they see, while others like to play the game of flirting all night until they make there choice right before retiring for the evening. We start at some beer-bars early in the night and eventually end up in some a-go-go's. Later in the night some even decide to head up to the discos with there new found love, or possibly still on the hunt. When it is time to go back to the room you will not be alone, that is unless you want to be, and even then it might be hard to accomplish. You will have so many cuties still trying to entice you, that you still might have company for the night. Back in the room the girls are generally great. They will always shower, and expect you to do the same. After that let your imagination wild. You will have a night to remember forever.... until the day repeats the next day, and you meet an even better girl :) This was an average day, but you will have MANY different experiences. Sometimes that daily massage will be replaced with the famous Soapy Massage, or even a trip to the Hell Club where you will pick 2 girls to have your 3-way fantasy fulfilled. Also, by day you have many temples, water parks, beaches, islands, and just generally fun things to do. I will probably end every blog with this, but it is so true. Book your trip NOW! It really will change your life!!!

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