Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Discover Thailand

To start this blog off I thought I would tell you what led me to Asia. Back in the early 90's believe it or not I really wanted to visit Disneyworld in Florida. After I figured out the cost to fly back east, buy tickets, hotel, etc., I realized just how expensive it is to travel in the states. I figured I might be able to really do something I never dreamed of. So, I went to the book store and started to look in the many travel books. After an hour or so I really was not getting any closer to making a decision. Then I pick up a Thailand Guide. First I open up to some of the pics. I see a beautiful gold temple on one side and a very cool looking Wat Arun on the other. The next page I turned to had a beautiful Thai a-go-go dancer strutting her stuff on stage. I thought this looked very promising. When I looked at the cost of hotels and food I knew immediately where I was going to go. I went into work the next day telling my co-worker what my plans were and he thought I was crazy to be going there alone. He had some time off as well so we decided to take the trip together.

More details of that first trip may be told in the future, but now you know what started me on my journey. Since that first trip I have been back every year since, sometimes even twice. My friend has since married a wonderful Thai lady and are very happy together.

No matter what I or anyone has to say or whatever you see about this wonderful place, it cannot be explained. Enjoy this blog to get a little insight into Thailand, but do that one better and book your trip NOW! It really will change your life!!!

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